Luigi Matino is an International professional photographer from Naples, who begins his fame in 2008 when he reaches the finals and wins two bronzes in the “Reportage” AWARDS . His competence and expertise is consolidated the following year when he yet again reaches the finals and wins the “Marriage” AWARDS of the Orvieto photography 2009. In 2010, in the same competition he reaches the finals and achieves a bronze. In 2011, he is one of the top 10 photographers in Italy in the ACERBONI CONTEST, in the same year he obtains a bronze in the competition FIOF of Barletta. He has been a ceremonial photographer for over 20 years, he graduated at the arts college in graphic publicity and photography. He is an elegant, innovative and romantic photographer, he is fascinated with his work, he is a perfectionist with his photos, he takes rapid successive shots so as not to lose a single emotion or moment on the most wonderful day of your life.